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Choose the loyalty model desired.
This is a small sample of more than 10.000 possible combinations. Once you finished the register, you can modify the information or the coins to adapt the loyalty model to your needs
The business bonus the clients with proximity euros they can use in any business of the localization or association Others: the minimum balance for the business is 100€, the customers balance expires in one year, the bonuses are not rounded, balance transfer between customers is not allowed.

Business bonus customers with store euros which can be used in that business. < Others: without minimum balance for business, the customers balance expires in two years, the bonus are not rounded, its allowed to transfer coins between customers

The same as the last model, in addition the business bonus customers with proximity points which can be exchanged for prizes suggested by the association or the town Others: the points are up rounded and exipre at the end of the campaign, that way the points don't accumulate between campaigns.

Same as the last model, without loyalty cards. With this option, the identification with loyalty cards is not showing in the business's intranet and its only allowed to identify customers via app, name , dni or phone number.
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